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Four-Year Graduation Pledge Program

Incoming Freshman for Fall 2014 must submit their applications by Oct. 8, 2014.

California State University, San Bernardino is committed to assisting students in reaching their goal of a baccalaureate degree in the shortest time possible. With careful planning a student can graduate in four years (12 quarters). The campus has consistently worked to plan an academic schedule and degree requirements which can be taken by students willing to devote their time and energy to full-time enrollment and study. We believe well-qualified, hardworking students who have met all entrance requirements upon graduation from high school should set as their goal the completion of an undergraduate program without loss of time. We are prepared to help students reach this goal.

Full-time enrollment and involvement in campus life and activities will make the years at Cal State stimulating, engaging and rewarding. A healthy balance of study, work and leisure is critical to academic success. The careful integration of classroom study, out-of-class discussions with faculty and friends, library investigation, laboratory research, practical application of skills in jobs and field work, and involvement in co-curricular clubs and activities is essential to ensuring that knowledge attained at the university results in fully qualified graduates who can use the critical skills, facts, competencies, and achievements of the college years for active citizenŽship, productive, useful employment, and life-long learning.

Who is Eligible?

All entering freshmen with a declared major, and concentration if applicable, who are willing to take 45-47 or more units a year, who enter without basic skills deficiencies and meet all entrance requirements for the major are eligible. Students must average 15 units per quarter to reach the minimum of 180 units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree. It should be noted that the Bachelor of Science degree requires 198 units. Completion of the B.S. degree in four years will require a higher unit load in most quarters or enrollment in summer sessions.

What is the University's Pledge?

  • Cal State San Bernardino pledges to provide sufficient classes for Four-Year Degree Pledge Program students so they will be able to graduate in four years. All Four-Year Degree Pledge students will receive special advisement and first priority during course regŽistration each quarter. Incoming freshmen and participants who continue to meet the eligibility criteria will receive the highest priority in course registration and must register during the priority time assigned.
  • Students will receive a Degree Audit Summary (PAWS) each quarter to allow them to track their progress and to clearly outline remaining units and course requirements. PAWS is available on-line.
  • Departments will provide a tentative two-year schedule of course offerings to allow students to plan their enrollments and sequence of courses in advance. Every effort will be made to sequence course offerings to allow students to take required courses either day or night; however, it should be noted that a full load of 15-16 units normally cannot be taken after 6:00 p.m. and is not advisable if students are working more than 20 hours a week.
  • If there are course conflicts which prevent students from taking courses on schedule, the appropriate course substitutions, waivers or options in the major will be provided by the department chair or for General Education by the Associate Vice President of UnderŽgraduate Studies.

What is the Student's Obligation?

  • Sign the Four-Year Degree Pledge form prior to the first term of enrollment.
  • Take all qualifying exams and diagnostic/placement tests in English (EPT), mathematics (ELM), foreign language placement, music auditions, portfolio reviews, etc. before registering for the first term. All deficiencies or remedial course work must be made up before the first term of courses.
  • Enroll each quarter at the assigned on-line registration time. Students enrolling late cannot be assured of getting courses needed.
  • Take and pass a minimum of 15-16 units per quarter (for majors requiring 180 units to graduate). Those considering enrolling in the Four-Year Degree Pledge Program should understand that for every unit of credit about 3 hours of instruction and study is required. A program of 15 units will require a minimum of 45 hours of class and study per week. Students with family obligations, long commutes or work schedules requiring more than 20 hours a week of commitment will find 15 units of university study a difficult if not impossible assignment.
  • Make satisfactory progress, maintain a "C" average each quarter, and receive grades sufficient to allow registration into the next level of required courses.
  • Meet each quarter with the assigned advisor, reach agreement regarding an appropriate course of study, and have the class schedŽule approved by the advisor and/or Advising and Academic Services before registering. At advisement, students and advisors will consider the future term's course offerings as related to graduation requirements. Pre-Psychology and Pre-Nursing students must be accepted into their major according to the department's established schedule.
  • Take courses at times (day or evening) when they are offered and/or available and in correct sequence. Note: Students who change their major or concentration or who take a leave of absence will not necessarily be able to graduate in four years.
  • Demonstrate accountability by complying with all administrative and academic policies and procedures. Non-compliance will result in cancellation of the pledge agreement. Students should purchase a copy of the University Bulletin which contains all degree require-ments and policies.

After four academic years of full-time enrollment, if it is determined that required courses were not made available, the student will not be required to pay tuition or fees otherwise required for the student to subsequently register and enroll in courses necessary for graduation. This is the sole remedy for the university's breach of the degree pledge program.

For questions please email

Four-Year Pledge Education Plan form (PDF)

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